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Beef jerky and Mushroom munchie snacks
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Mushroom Munchies

We sell Mushroom Munchies in 25g bags in 10 flavours, Discount on any 3 bags or more.

  1. Original - Our first flavour including loads of flavours to make a sutble snack. 
  2. Chinese - A taste of the orient with flavours based on 5 spice, soy and sherry.
  3. Teriyaki  - Another oriental flavour bursting with ginger and garlic.
  4. 5 Chilli  - We use a blend of chillies to give a hot and spicy  but rounded taste.
  5. Jamacian Jerk  - Based on the searing heat of the scotch bonnet chilli but tempered with all spice and thyme.
  6.  Red wine & Pepper - Marinaded in red wine and fresh cracked black pepper. 
  7. Pendragon - Suggested by a friend this one is made with Perry (pear cider) and Peri Peri.
  8. Love it or hate it  - Mushrooms with a famous yeast extract, as they say you either love it or hate it.
  9. Garlic - hugely popular with a big garlic taste and herbs as well.
  10. Cinnamon - A twist on mushroom snacks using a sweet syrupy marinade and heavy on the cinnamon.

A 25g bag contains up to 200g of fresh mushrooms and retails at £2 + P&P

Any 3 bags contains up to 600g of fresh mushrooms and retails at £5 + P&P

To purchase any products from this page please contact us to place an order, we accept paypal, and are happy to do mail order sales.

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Mushroom Munchies
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