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Beef jerky and Mushroom munchie snacks
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Beef Jerky, Mushroom Munchies and more
All our snacks and products are made from fresh ingredients sourced in the UK where possible from small independent suppliers.

We don't use any artificial flavor's, colours or preservatives and depend on the natural process of drying.

We currently supply

  1. Beef Jerky, prime beef that is trimmed of fat and sinew then sliced thinly, marinated and air dried.
  2. Mushroom Munchies, these are mushrooms that are sliced, marinated and air dried and all our flavours and marinades are Vegetarian.
  3. Fruit scrolls, otherwise known as fruit leathers these are made from 100% fruit that is pureed and dried into flat sheets which are packed with goodness and flavour.
  4. Seasonings, a range of flavoured sugars and salts for use in cooking and for simple seasoning of foods
  5. Dried chillies, a range of unusual chillies including scotch bonnets.

If you would like to order any products from us please us the contact us form.

We accept Paypal or please visit us at any shows and fairs that are listed on our news and events page

Beef Jerky
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